The BRAND-NEW album from Raspberry Eyes, Year of the Raspberry, has officially been released to the world, so if you haven't had the opportunity to pick up a copy quite yet, don't you worry!  There are a few ways to go about obtaining our latest studio effort, but by far the easiest is by simply clicking the PayPal link above.  We are offering FREE SHIPPING, so it will honestly cost you the same amount as it would if you were to purchase it in person, and those are ready to ship out immediately!  

All of the tracks and the album itself are also now available in digital form as well, with various digital music outlets adding the album daily, so if you want to save a little cash and go that route, you definitely can!  Just simply head on over to your favorite digital music retailer and I'm sure you can find some new tunes to enjoy!

And remember, every single penny that we take in on album sales of any kind, as well as all of the profits from our MERCH STORE, will be donated directly to the TRI-COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY, so not only will you be getting some great new tunes for the summer, but you will be supporting one of the best causes in the area!  To date, we have raised over $250 that has been given to this amazing non-profit, so we are already well on track to achieve our goal of $1000 for this album.  The print run on this album was relatively small, so don’t delay as these are sure to sell out incredibly fast!!!

Year of the Raspberry Track Listing

1.   God Save the King

2.   No Place Quite Like Home

3.   Lobster Man

4.   Moonshine

5.   Cinco de Mayo

6.   Let It Burn

7.   The 34

8.   New Disease

9.   Staring at the Sun

10. Forced to Be Fabulous