Year of the Raspberry Track Listing

1.   God Save the King

2.   No Place Quite Like Home

3.   ???

4.   ???

5.   ???

6.   ???

7.   ???

8.   ???

9.   ???

10. ???


The BRAND-NEW album from Raspberry Eyes, Year of the Raspberry, is officially being released to the world on May 6th, so make sure to mark your calendars and check back often for the barrage of announcements sure to come from the Raspberry Eyes camp in the upcoming weeks!!! The album is also available for pre-order and is guaranteed to ship out during the week of the release, all for the low, low cost of $10 a record! Oh, and did we mention every album order ships out for FREE?!?!?

It couldn't possibly get any better than that...or could it? Why yes, yes it could! All of the proceeds that the band makes off the new album will be donated to the TRI-COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY, so by ordering a copy of the album you are not only getting your hands on some great tunes but you are also donating a good portion of money to a great and worthy cause. And all of that is just the tip of the iceberg as to what Raspberry Eyes is currently up to, so stay tuned for more exciting news to come!!!